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NRI Financial Planning Services

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India has always been the best investment destination for NRI's (Non Resident Indians) and POI's (persons of Indian origin).

Modiji has shared the vision of 5 trillion dollar economy by 2025 and the benefit of the same will be growing & robust economy, a strong Rupee and profitable companies which will ensure that investors get maximum returns from both equity and debt markets.

Indian equity markets are highly transparent and a resonant mutual fund industry have ensured that investments are liquid and transparent.

Taking advantage of this environment and our proven experience in the market.

Service Offered for NRI's(Non Resident Indians)at K K Credible Financial services

  1. Best Investment Avenue in terms of returns and safety for the NRI's
  2. Taxation consultancy for NRI's to avoid higher taxes in the country which they reside
  3. Estate Planning for the hassle free transfer of funds which are lying in INDIA
  4. Will making facilities.
  5. Online Investment facilities
  6. Monitoring the existing investment performance on continuous basis and rebalancing the same if required.
  7. Regular updates on the investment portfolio.

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